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Noritsu Machines


Founded in Japan as Noritsu Koki Co. Ltd., we were the first company to bring automated, continuous processing and photo printing equipment to worldwide market. In 1978, Noritsu America Corporation began operations in the United States, and has gone on to build an unmatched reputation for quality, service, and innovation in the imaging industry.

Today, with hundreds of service technicians across the U.S. and Canada, and thousands of system installations in North America and Worldwide, in more than 180 countries, Noritsu continues to be at the forefront of technology.

We continue to expand our line of award-winning imaging hardware and software products and solutions, offering consumers greater quality and choice in preserving their memories, while delivering high performance, flexibility and profit-making potential to our customers.

Not willing to stop there, Noritsu and Noritsu America are now expanding! With new products designed to meet the needs of customers outside the imaging industry and the introduction of Noritsu Technical Services for your service needs, we plan to keep that tradition of excellence and innovation going strong!