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Chemicals for processing films, papers & display materials

Kodak Professional offers a vast array of photochemicals that are researched, developed and manufactured to complement Kodak’s and other manufacturers’ films, papers, and media.

Quality chemicals that are convenient, easy to use, and deliver the productivity you expect and demand.

Black and White Film and Paper Processing

B&W Film Processing
B&W Paper Processing
Film Processing E-6

KODAK PROFESSIONAL Chemicals, Process E-6, are used to process KODAK PROFESSIONAL EKTACHROME and ELITE Chrome Films, as well as other manufacturers’ color transparency (chrome) films.

Process E-6 chemicals are offered in sizes designed for all types of processing operations—from small tank or rotary tube to large professional finishing labs and photofinishing operations. The chemicals are supplied as liquid concentrates for ease of handling and mixing.

  • First Developer — converts exposed silver halide to metallic silver. This is the most critical step in Process E-6.
  • First wash — stops the action of the first developer, and removes the first developer solution from the film.
  • Reversal Bath — reversal agent is absorbed into the film, preparing the film for the color developer step.
  • Color Developer — developing agent reacts with silver halide to form metallic silver.
  • Pre-Bleach — prepares the film for the bleach step.
  • Bleach — converts metallic silver back to silver halide.
  • Fixer — converts all of the silver bromide into soluble silver compounds.
  • Final wash — removes chemicals remaining in the film emulsion.
  • Final Rinse — promotes uniform drying.