Solar Energy Solutions

Spitak trading company is one of the main distributers for solar

Energy  products  ;  Solar  Panels   ,DC & AC  Invertors  ,  DC  cables  & Accessories  ,  metal structures  and  accessories  on top of our  engineer  can provide  energy advise  for  energy   saving  solutions  and  solar  energy  installation   advise  .

Photo Dye-Sublimation Photo Printers

A dye-sublimation printer (or dye-sub printer) is a computer printer which employs a printing process that uses heat to
transfer dye onto materials such as a plastic, card, paper, or fabric.
The sublimation name was first applied because the dye was considered to make the transition between the solid and gas states without going
through a liquid stage. This understanding of the process was later shown to be incorrect. Since then, the process is sometimes known as
dye-diffusion, though this has not eliminated the original name. Many consumer and professional dye-sublimation printers are designed
and used for producing photographic prints, ID cards, and so on.

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